Sexy Barbershop shoot 2017

After working overnight before the shoot you think I’ll be super tired and ready for bed. But no, I was super excited about this shoot. I had a lot of great ideas and concepts about lighting and was ready for the shoot. I wanted to set up the barbershop shoot differently then I did in 2016.  First by not bringing all the models in for makeup at the same time and spacing them out 2and half hours apart. Plus the cool thing is that the owner of the shop wanted to be in the shoot. You may be thinking, he not a model and your right, he’s not. But he has a look that will make shoot awesome.
Special Thanks to:
Models: Xiomara Rodriguez, Oliviea Rae and Amanda Neff
My Awesome Makeup artist: Maria Dawley
And Barbershop Owner: Larue Lawson



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