My Cell Phone pictures and Photoshop

Today cell phone are the new camera for this generation I say and you can now have your pictures printed from your phone. Although your cell phone can’t take a picture like your SLR due to your dynamic range. But it’s good enough for people today. So just everybody, it’s easier to bring my phone with me then having one of my SLR. So while I was out on vacation in Michigan, on one of my friend’s boat. I saw a sailboat passing by and took a picture with my cell phone and thought nothing of it. So fast for a month later as I was driving down the highway I saw a beautiful sky and took a picture of it. Now that I had two awesome image what to do with them. I came home and plug my phone into my computer and transfer the images. Cool, now time to open up Photoshop and doing a little collage with the images.

Pretty awesome.


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