2015 World of Wheels

One of the things I like to do with my son Kj is to just grab our camera’s and go out shooting. So the world of wheels was one of our plans.                                  

Flashback 2011

As I take a look back and remembering how cool it was just take your time and do an awesome shoot. Now moving forward, thing have to be done now. So here’s my flashback (taking time for details). Oh I just had to re-edit the images. My editing suck then.. lol.. Something Sexy Project. Models: Brittany and Steve MUA: Masika Pointer Behind the Scene Photographer: Terrell M Copyright © 2015 Ny Ke Image Studio All Rights Reserved.

Motorcycle Show 2015

Got up yesterday and was excited to go down to the Motorcycle Show.  Since I got my Valentine’s day to do list completed Friday, time to enjoy the show.

Chicago Auto Show 2015

Had an awesome time it the Auto show and had a chance to use my wide angle Tamron 10-24 lens. It’s not the first choice for shooting, but wanted to try something different and it help to get all of the car without having to back up and have people walk in front of you camera. The Auto show had whole lot of people there.  

Doll house project

The Doll house project was another one of Karla awesome ideas. She always keeping you on a creative edge. Now adding Xochitl to the project, now that taking creativity to the next level. Model: Xochitl Ramirez Onohan HMUA By: Karla Mendez-Meraz Photographer: Ny-Ke Image Studio Copyright © 2015 Ny Ke Image Studio All Rights Reserved.  

Navy Pier

Some really cool shots from yesterday photo walk with my youngest son Kj.