Sexy Throwback Saturday Jan 20

So I have been thinking about showing some of my earlier work and post it. But somehow posting it all social media platforms seem repetitive. Hmmmmm… So throwback Saturday is Erika Ocampo, but is now Erika Mejias. Shot in 2013

Shooting with Ms. Amanda N

It been some time since the last time Amanda and I worked together on a project. She’s truly an awesome model with an innocent sexy vibe about her. Can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for us in the photography industry.

Sexy Barbershop shoot 2017

After working overnight before the shoot you think I’ll be super tired and ready for bed. But no, I was super excited about this shoot. I had a lot of great ideas and concepts about lighting and was ready for the shoot. I wanted to set up the barbershop shoot differently then I did in 2016.  First by not bringing all the models in for makeup at the same time and spacing them out 2and half hours apart. Plus the cool thing is that the owner of the shop wanted to be in the shoot. You may be thinking, he […]

The Shot – Fantasy Football Shoot

This was an awesome and most controversial shoot for 2017. As I was looking on Amazon for costume ideas for the next issue of My Portfolio magazine. I ran across two very sexy costumes that had a sports like theme to it. So one day after talking with a fellow photographer about the two outfits, we came up with a theme of photographer vs photographer shoot because we liked different outfits. Two days before the shoot I checked my order and ran across a sexier referee costume.  I thought it would be perfect for the shoot so I ordered it for next day […]

Car Show June 2016

Every second weekend of the month, Baltria has a Car Show that bring people from all around the Chicagoland area. For me I love seeing all the vintage and  old school muscle cars come out to play instead of sitting in the garage. So if you have a classic or muscle car and free on the second weekend of the month, I suggest you bring your car out to StCharles,IL and hang out with us.

Retouching Software Vs Photoshop

I purchased this software some time ago to help me with my workflow and minimize my time in Photoshop. I have to say I am pretty impressed, it did about 65% of the work for me. But unfortunately it really didn’t save me no time. It’s a good software for people that not that involve in Photoshop.

It runs in the family

(((How it runs in the family))) It’s funny how kid pick thing up after you. Well two of my sons have. My Kj has the eye for photography. Shot and edit his self and text me the image.. Wow.. This kid good

Cos-Play Workshop

Cos-Play Workshop I been to a lot of workshop before, but this workshop was pretty cool.  Okay at first I was think this is not the type photography I don’t think I’ll like. It look like a lot of hours editing images. But photographer and friend Joe River said I should give a try. So what the hell I’ll give it a try, plus it a good thing to network with people in my industry. I had a awesome time and if you’re a photographer that haven’t been to a workshop like this. I say keep an eye out for […]

My Cell Phone pictures and Photoshop

Today cell phone are the new camera for this generation I say and you can now have your pictures printed from your phone. Although your cell phone can’t take a picture like your SLR due to your dynamic range. But it’s good enough for people today. So just everybody, it’s easier to bring my phone with me then having one of my SLR. So while I was out on vacation in Michigan, on one of my friend’s boat. I saw a sailboat passing by and took a picture with my cell phone and thought nothing of it. So fast for […]