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Cos-Play Workshop

Cos-Play Workshop I been to a lot of workshop before, but this workshop was pretty cool.  Okay at first I was think this is not the type photography I don’t think I’ll like. It look like a lot of hours editing images. But photographer and friend Joe River said I should give a try. So what the hell I’ll give it a try, plus it a good thing to network with people in my industry. I had a awesome time and if you’re a photographer that haven’t been to a workshop like this. I say keep an eye out for […]

My Cell Phone pictures and Photoshop

Today cell phone are the new camera for this generation I say and you can now have your pictures printed from your phone. Although your cell phone can’t take a picture like your SLR due to your dynamic range. But it’s good enough for people today. So just everybody, it’s easier to bring my phone with me then having one of my SLR. So while I was out on vacation in Michigan, on one of my friend’s boat. I saw a sailboat passing by and took a picture with my cell phone and thought nothing of it. So fast for […]

Chicago Auto Show 2015

Had an awesome time it the Auto show and had a chance to use my wide angle Tamron 10-24 lens. It’s not the first choice for shooting, but wanted to try something different and it help to get all of the car without having to back up and have people walk in front of you camera. The Auto show had whole lot of people there.  

Damage Report

Okay, Today me and my son Kj is getting ready to go to Navy Pier Snow Day downtown when he went in his camera bag and pull out is Nikon D40. This is what he saw. All I can say, the UV filter was worth his weight in gold..