The about me page, hmmmm. Let’s start by saying we are not the brand for the gym shoe, although it almost sounds the same. Ny-Ke stands for Nyisha – Kenneth image studio and I’m Kenneth (Ken) I’m the CEO of Ny-Ke. I’m a Lifestyle and commercial photographer. But I find more my passion is in the Lifestyle side of photography. Although I’m the owner and photographer of the work you see, I have to give credit to my family for all the behind the scene work… social media page managing, the second shooter, etc.

If you like to see more work from Ny-Ke check out.

Magazine: www.myportfoliomag.com


I appreciate the raw reality of everyday life, the fleeting beauty of those in-between moments, and I do my very best to take every picture with that in mind. I want my viewers to relate to my photographs through recognition and familiarity with the situations, the emotions, and the energy so much that they wonder if they are looking at a picture of someone they know.

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Ken is fantastic! She exceeded all expectations in every respect, and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone in an instant. Thank you again for the incredibly important part you played in the most important day of my life.

Victoria Squire
Happy Customer

I’m writing to you today to personally thank you and your team for such brilliant support. It’s probably the greatest support I’ve ever had digitally, and I’ve been through a few companies as of recent. Once again, thanks for such fantastic service.

Owen Ayres
Very Happy Customer